We are proud to partner with Cornerstone Restoration – Austin’s largest non-profit, donor-funded renovation organization!

Who is Cornerstone Restoration?

Cornerstone Restoration is a construction-based, volunteer-driven ministry on a mission to restore hope to those navigating challenging circumstances. From repairs such as fixing broken showers to major renovations like enhancing home accessibility for individuals with disabilities, Cornerstone addresses a wide range of essential home maintenance issues and improvements at no cost to the beneficiary, ensuring that those in need can continue living in their homes. With over 700+ volunteers, their collected efforts have resulted in 13,360 volunteer hours served and 490 construction-based projects completed.

Cornerstone directs their focus toward serving the physical and spiritual needs of vulnerable communities, including the elderly, widows, single parents, children, and survivors of human trafficking or sexual exploitation. They believe the process of restoring homes for those in need becomes a catalyst for a greater restoration that happens by experiencing God’s love and connecting to Jesus.

Every month, Cornerstone Restoration takes on new projects, tackling critical repairs for those in need. All their projects are made possible through the labor of love from their skilled tradespeople, volunteers, donations from local suppliers, and generous financial supporters from the community.

Donate today to help them continue their important work!



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